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Pot-Smoking Grannies, Jimmy Fallon Covers U2, and More Viral Videos

From Grandmas smoking pot for the first time to Jimmy Fallon and the Roots covering a U2 song, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. Grandmas Try Pot for the First Time

Marijuana has had a tough reputation for generations. It remains a Schedule I narcotic to this day, considered as dangerous and addictive by the federal government as heroin and MDMA. But that reputation is softening a bit, especially as some states have begun to legalize it not just for medical use, but recreational as well. Washington is one of those states, and three of its residents, from a less adventurous generation, were willing to try the drug for the very first time.

4. Jon Stewart Guests on ‘Colbert Report’

Stephen Colbert got his big break when he got a correspondent gig on The Daily Show along with his Chicago Second City collaborator Steve Carell. Both men went on to huge things in the comedy world, with Colbert securing his own show, The Colbert Report, in the time slot after Jon Stewart’s show—and with him on board as an executive producer. In spite of that, Stewart had never appeared on the Report until last night, when he joined to discuss his new film, Rosewater.

3. Kids Get Messy with Paint

Being a parent isn’t easy. These two boys made a mess of the house and themselves after getting into red and green paint, and their father has the unenviable task of disciplining them, recording it on video—for the world’s amusement, a deeper shame than any other punishment can instill—and trying not to laugh while doing it.

2. Second Graders Respond to Realistic Dolls

To test out a doll he designed to have realistic human proportions, Nickolay Lamm went to a group of second-graders in Pittsburgh. According to the video, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Compared to a doll of Barbie-esque proportions, the kids were excited to see “Lammily,” with several comparing her favorably to family members and saying they hoped to get a doll like her as a gift.

The children’s reactions to Lammily are hopeful, demonstrating that it’s never too early to promote a positive body image.

1. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots Do U2

Legendary rock band (and scourge of iTunes users) U2 cancelled a performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this past week after frontman Bono broke his arm riding his bike in Central Park. Doing his best to fill the Joshua Tree-shaped void in the show, host Jimmy Fallon employed his ever-versatile house band The Roots to back him in a cover of the Irish quartet’s 1988 hit, “Desire.”

Fallon’s a master impressionist and a good singer in his own right, having previously combined the two talents performing as Bob Dylan and David Bowie, but the beauty of the U2 cover is that, some Bono-esque stage moves and wardrobe aside, Fallon plays it straight and sings as himself. It’s yet another reminder of why Fallon is the reigning king of late night.