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Premiere: ALO Debut a Video for ‘The Ticket’

Trippy cartoon visuals for funky groove rock from California four piece.

California’s groove-filled, funky ALO are back with their first new full length in three years, Tangle of Time. Known for improvisational-style pop rock riffs and a sunny vibe, the band’s immensely popular live shows channel the SoCal sun and engage audiences with lyrical wit and the overwhelming urge to get feet moving.

This track, “The Ticket,” features a driving, disco-esque beat and smooth vocals, delightfully synth heavy without sounding gimmicky or corny.

“I love this video,” gushes frontman Zach Gill. “It feels like Dr. Who meets Muppets in Space meets Salvador Dali meets Scooby Doo, all at the same time. We gave Josh Clark a tiny idea, and he created a whole universe—amazing. As musicians, we are beyond thrilled to see one of our songs brought to life like this. A time traveling sloth, a journey through art history and an army of robot spiders, makes this my one of my favorite videos ever.”

Click here to preorder their new album, and check out a short clip on the making of “The Ticket” below.

Tangle of Time is out October 2 on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records