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Presidential Town Hall Debate Live Blog

(10:30) Calling this debate for the President. Certainly a stronger performance on his end, although the bar wasn't exactly high.

Sullivan can finally quit panicking.

(10:24) Gun control, really? Considering the failure of the feds to enforce existing gun laws, we use a precious debate question to try to put more ineffective and impotent laws on the books?This is why the fetishization of undecided voters so rankles me. The federal government does some things very well, and we should be discussing them. Instead, we're wasting time talking about things the federal government does very poorly.

And by the way, Sullivan, the President just interrupted and belittled Crowley. I refer you to the definition of mansplaining.

(10:15) Has any journalist made as big an impact on the debates as Eli Lake?

(10:08) The President might recall that the last *serious* effort to reform immigration came under a Republican administration. This president has deported more illegal immigrants than any administration on record. And he deliberately prioritized other issues above immigration in 2009. When he says he tried, he's not telling the truth. And when he says it's a priority for him, it's not.

(9:57) Impressive monologue from Romney. I talked today about how he must appear empathetic during this debate. That was empathy.

(9:50) This is small ball at its finest. President Obama saved 1,000 jobs by embracing a protectionist policy on tires.


(9:44) Seems the President was briefed on the collapse of his advantage with women. Pander, pander, pander.

(9:41) My friend Emily neatly summarizes the equal pay issue for Mitt:

(9:35) Mitt claims: "of course they add up," referencing his numbers. Immediately pivots to deficits.

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Second note: Sullivan claims Romney is interrupting Crowley. That's malarkey. Obama is exceedingly aggressive to this point.

(9:25) Romney talking his tax plan. As we've detailed rather extensively over the past few weeks, his dual promises (across the board tax cut of 20% coupled with limiting deductions) simply can't work. Reducing the scale of tax cuts would make it happen, but the plan as is is a fantasy.

(9:23) Obama: "I'm used to being interrupted." Whine.

(9:20) Good lord, Obama looks like something (maybe that embarrassing first debate) got under his skin. Very feisty first twenty minutes.

(9:12) Obama knows his meme. Says he'll "build on that" in reference to an across the board energy strategy.

(9:08) Good to hear a question from a fellow millenial. I complained yesterday about young people being stereotyped for being unenthused about entering the job market in this era.

Would add this, however:

(8:55) We're live. Candy Crowley, the debate moderator, is up and at it. Candidates should be on stage shortly.