A Onesie?

Prince Andrew Tweets First True Royal Selfie

What do you call a royal selfie?

A onesie, of course.

And although many other members of the royal family have found themselves co-opted into selfies taken by other people, tonight, Prince Andrew became the first royal to post a bona fide selfie, sending a picture of himself grinning into the camera humming over the wires at 6:06pm UK time (thats 1pm in New York).

It was sent from his TheDukeOfYork account which, you'll be relieved to hear, is verified.

The occasion was his Pitch At The Palace event, a Dragon's den-style forum for entrepreneurs to seek investment.

Investors with over $5bn of funds were said to be gathered for the event.

Now that selfies have been co-opted by Google for lame April Fool's jokes and even the royal family are doing them, I think we can safely say that taking selfies is uncool.

Prince Andrew's selfie is an interesting one though - whilst it has many of the features of the classic selfie - namely a bit too much detail on the nose (although thankfully no nasal hair is evident) the background is atypical, with two full length portraits of royal ancestors in gilded frames drawign the eye.