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Prince Harry Announces: I Hate Twitter

Harry hates social media—and who can blame him?

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This is not a big surprise.

Prince Harry hates twitter.

Prince Harry spoke out today about his dislike of social media, telling a group of schoolkids gathered for the launch of the Invictus games, a paralympic style event for wounded servicement modelled on the Warrior Games, "I really quite hate twitter," and cited the 'invasion of privacy' as one of his concerns.

Just recently, Harry formally complained about a picture posted on twitter of himself and former girlfriend Cressida Bonas at the theatre which was subsequently published by the Mirror newspaper.

Ironically enough, Harry was attending a workshop on how to use networks such as twitter to create publicity around the Invictus Games.

"The games themselves mean a hell of a lot to me," he told the students, "We are looking for your help, we want to spread the word...but its very hard for me to tweet about the invictus games...I would love to tweet about things I care about but it's a fine line between what you should do and what you can do, and what other people want to know and what you don't want them to know."

Astutely put, Harry. So that's why he's getting other people to do the tweeting for him.