Prince Harry 'Frustrated' at Delay To South Pole Trek

Prince Harry and his disabled army veteran team mates who are attempting to walk to the South Pole are "getting frustrated" as they are still stuck in Cape Town, with exceptionally bad weather in Antartica delaying their departure.

Expedition manager Victoria Nicholson said today that very strong winds and heavy snowfall meant visibility was down to about three meters at the Novo station on the edge of the pole.

Nicholson sent an audio update on behalf of all the teams in Cape Town, who have been held in South Africa a bit longer than planned due to bad weather conditions in Antarctica, and very strong winds that made it impossible to fly to Novo.

The teams and the support crew are due to fly to Novo on Friday morning, but this will be confirmed this afternoon depending on the most recent weather forecasts.Nicholson said, "Everyone is enjoying good food and comfortable beds in Cape Town, is obviously lovely weather, not great for the arrival in Antarctica as the temperature difference will be about 30°C. It is currently -10°C at Novo, but it will get much colder when we get up to the Antarctic plateau."