the big one

Prince Harry Nicknamed 'Big H' by Army Comrades

There’s been a noticeable dearth of Prince Harry news since he was sent off to Afghanistan in service of grandmother and country, but the Royalists favourite observation is that his nickname in the army is ‘Big H’.

The info comes via the Sun, tucked away in its report on how Harry has logged his first official ‘kill’ of a senior Taliban commander. The Sun’s source – who claims to have met Prince Harry in the cookhouse so is clearly unimpeachable - says:

"Big H is a legend. We were on patrol and the Apache helicopters were called in. We heard this posh voice come over the radio and knew it was Big H. They were tracking a Taliban leader — he was commander level. The Apache then let off some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon and 'boom'. It was Big H all the way."