Good Times

Prince Harry Parties TOPLESS

The Party Prince is not dead.

WPA Pool

Remember all those palace-spun stories about how Prince Harry was showing a new-found mature side? How the Party Prince was no more? How from now on we were going to be seeing in Prince Harry nothing but a model of discretion, seriousness and best behaviour?

It seems like they were perhaps exaggerated, as a series of photos are now doing the rounds on social media showing Prince Harry ripping off his shirt and revealing his muscled torso as he parties on down at Britain's poshest music festival, the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire.

Yes, its certainly something to brighten up the old Monday morning routine.

The pictures started life on instagram but have now been taken down, only to reappear on the website of EntertainmentWise, which is now staking ownership and claims to have been "in the mix and managed to capture the magic moment when Harry removed his shirt, much to the delight of all around."

Just last week, you will recall, Harry was saying how much he hated social media because of the invasion of privacy it incurred.

Well, Harry, here's a tip: might be best to keep your shirt on when you're at music festivals in future old boy! It's not exactly Vegas, but, Henry must well know, a sighting of the Royal Abs is likely to cause no little ripple interest.

29 year-old Harry split from his girlfriend Cressida Bonas earlier this year, and has since been linked with 25 year-old Camilla Thurlow after he was spotted 'getting cosy' with the charity worker at London nightclub Tonteria.

Harry was at the Secret Graden party all weekend, for much of it wearing a pork pie hat.