Frontline call

Prince Harry Phones Home!

Prince Charles has revealed that Prince harry has phoned him three times since he was posted to Afghanistan.The Prince of Wales was speaking to Australian military personnel during an event in Sydney, where he and Camilla are currently on tour, and revealed that Harry had phoned home three times since his deployment.

Valentine Low, one of the few British newspapermen on the tour, reports in the (paywalled) Times:

Major Karl Reynolds of 19th Chief Engineer Works, who met the Prince at Garden Island, home of the Royal Australian Navy’s largest Pacific Ocean base, said: “He was talking about the Apache and what a lethal bit of kit they are — once the Taleban see it they disappear.

“And he was also saying he had received calls from his son, he said he had phoned three times.

“It’s good Harry is phoning home, it’s so easy to do now with the Internet, a letter is always good but you can’t beat a call home.”

Harry was posted to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan on a four-month tour of duty in September. He will be away for Christmas, meaning the party season in London will be noticeably quieter than it was last year.

At the time of his deployment, Charles said he was 'immensely proud' of his son.