Ginger Ninja Can Bolt

Prince Harry Races Usain Bolt

Prince Harry exchanged banter with the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, in the Jamaican sunshine today, before the two men squared up in a sprint which Harry won by a wide margin – with the assistance of a false start.

Harry, dressed in a Jamaica T-shirt and track suit bottoms, charged off up the track, leaving Bolt at the starting line.

The two men then celebrated by pulling the traditional ‘bolt of lightning’ stance on the track.

Before the race, Harry asked Bolt and his fellow team mates who they thought would be the most significant British threat in the 2012 Olympics, a remark which prompted gales of laughter from the Jamaicans and no further response. Usain presented Harry with a t-shirt readin, 'Harry can Bolt' after the race.