Bad Boy

Prince Harry Reveals: "I Wanted To Be The Bad Boy.”

Prince Harry meets a group of troubled teenagers in South Africa, and tells them why he always wanted to be just like them.

Now we know why he’s so naughty.

Prince Harry has told a group of South African youngsters in a correctional facility that he always, “wanted to be the bad boy” when he was at school, and joked that he would have preferred to be in a young offender’s institution than at Eton.

Introducing himself to the group, Harry said: “My name is Prince Harry, the Queen of England’s grandson, Princess Diana’s son. I’ve come all the way from England to see you guys. I’m interested to hear all your stories.”

According to The Times reporter Valentine Low, Harry said, “I didn’t enjoy school at all. I would like to have come to a place like this. When I was at school I wanted to be the bad boy.”

Harry was visiting the Ottery youth centre in Cape Town.

Prince Harry earlier in the day refused to pose for a photograph, telling a young woman that he was “anti-selfie.”

Responding to a request from a member of Desmond Tutu’s entourage for a photograph, he said, according to a report in the Telegraph: “I’m afraid I’m anti-selfie.”

The Prince made the comments in the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation on the Cape waterfront, after presenting presented the retired Archbishop with the Order of the Companion of Honour.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, and Harry later suggested African Premier League football stars should use their popularity to help educate youngsters.

“You guys all look up to these people, they’re idolised.”