Prince Harry's Giant New Bushy Beard

Harry fans hoping he will keep his rugged look for Christmas Day

Prince Harry has grown a MASSIVE ginger beard during his trek to the South Pole - and was proudly showing it off during a visit to the National Science Foundation's Amundsen-Scott South Pole station over the weekend.

Although we had known for some time that Prince Harry was husbanding some chin growth, this is the first time that his new face ferret has been revealed in all its ginger glory.

Need we say he looks even more devastatingly handsome than usual?

We can only hope that Santa - sorry Prince Harry - does the unthinkable and does not shave it off for the annual appearance outside the Sandringham church on Christmas day.

Prince Harry lined up for this latest photo with Alexander Skarsgård, the actor who was the celebrity patron of the American team.Three teams of seven participants each - representing the United Kingdom, the United States and the Commonwealth took part in the Virgin Money-sponsored event in aid of the charity Walking With the Wounded.The teams arrived on Dec. 13 at the South Pole after a difficult trip bedeviled by atrocious conditions.

Walking With The Wounded is a U.K.-based, non-governmental charity that funds both the re-training and re-education of wounded servicemen and women to help them find long term employment after leaving the armed forces. The group, according to its website, stages "extreme expeditions to illustrate the extraordinary determination and courage of our injured, using this platform to draw attention to the need to help in their career transition and to raise significant funds for charity."Upon their arrival at South Pole Station, expedition members were welcomed by U.S. Antarctic Program personnel on site with a tour of the station dedicated to science.