No Silent Night

Prince Harry’s Holidays: David Beckham, Drums, Drinks and Duty

Crime-stopping in London, drumming in a Santa hat, hanging out with Granny and Becks—and it's not even Christmas yet. Tom Sykes on the trail of the Playboy Prince's wild holidays.


It’s been another busy week of headlines for Britain’s Playboy Prince.

Harry has put some energy into the Christmas party season, particularly after his crime-busting exploits last week on the streets of south London, when he raced to the aid of his pal Tom Van Strauzenbee, who was robbed of his BlackBerry while he was on the phone with the prince.

Harry was reunited with “Van” last night, when the two hit the Arts Club on Dover Street in Mayfair, with Pippa and Kate’s brother, James Middleton, and none other than David Beckham in tow.

This was the same spot where Harry went last week, and once again, Harry jumped up on the stage and started banging the drums. Only this time, he was wearing a Santa hat. Earlier in the day, Beckham had met Prince William for a drink at the nearby Stafford Hotel, where the two were reportedly “deep in conversation in the bar area for about 90 minutes.”

The idea that Beckham and the princes should be meeting up for Christmas drinks is a head-scratching proposition for most Brits. There is no older money than the monarchy and no newer money than sport, and rarely do the twain meet.

Harry’s certainly got the common touch, but still, yet more images of the third in line to the throne slipping out of the side door of a nightclub with a partially unbuttoned shirt and a befuddled look undeniably sit a little uneasily alongside the images of him on Monday night, in best bib and tucker, at the Sun newspaper’s awards for military service, to which he accompanied William and Kate.

He was not only looking his best, but was also on his best behavior, forgoing liquor and letting it be known that he hoped to be sent back on active service to Afghanistan soon.

Then at lunchtime on Wednesday, he was the model grandson, arriving at Buckingham Palace with stepmother Camilla for the traditional pre-Christmas lunch with Granny before the boys’ night out.

There are a couple of puzzles about Harry’s latest nocturnal adventure. David Beckham is a notoriously quiet soul, not much given to partying and rarely seen out and about. James Corden, a comedy actor and writer who was also part of the group, sent out a tweet this morning stating he had drunk no alcohol: “AH! That wonderful feeling when you went out with mates but didn’t drink and you know how they’re all feeling this morning! #feelinggood!”

Could it be that someone, somewhere, is carefully trying to position some good influences around the hard-living prince?