They're Off!

Prince Harry's Temperature Plummet

The good news is that Prince Harry is finally on his way to Antartica after the polar storm that had forced a delay on the teams attempting to trek to the South Pole abated.

The bad news is that the longer than expected stay in South Africa has completely messed up the acclimatization schedule, with South Africa a very pleasant 70F and the teams' starting point in Antarctica, a chilly -40F, according to Walking With The Wounded.

A spokesman for the charity said that while this "has not given the desired start for their acclimatization" the teams had "thoroughly enjoyed the additional time spent in Cape Town before embarking on this challenge" and had trekked up Table Mountain.

Polar guide Conrad Dickinson, who is on the ground in the cold place, reports in his voice blog that the temperatures in Antarctica are brutal. The poor sod is undertaking a 24 hour drive to meet up with the teams.He says, “The temperatures have been fairly brutal, -40°C (equivalent to -40F) the altitude has been pretty high at 3,400 meters. We are now very slowly starting to descend the polar plateau and it will probably take us another three and a half days to the point where we will meet all of the teams flying to 87° South.”