Princess Dress

Princes Diana Dress Makes $140,000

A 1986 dress worn by Diana fetched $140,000 in London today.

An ornate gold and white gown that once belonged to Princess Diana - described as having a 'fairytale' feel to it - has been sold at auction today for a staggering £102,000 - approximately $140,000.

The extraordinary price for the ostentatious gown proves that fascination with Princes Diana remains as strong today as ever.

The dress is believed to have been sold to a non-US or UK museum.The ornate gold and white gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the husband and wife duo who designed Diana's wedding dress. The couple, now divorced, have recently been involved in an unseemly war of words about who took the call from Diana asking them to make her wedding dress.

The gown was worn by Diana on several occasions, including to the premiere of James Bond film The Living Daylights.

It was sold by specialist house Kerry Taylor Auctions in London today at almost twice its estimate to an overseas museum collection.

The auction house said of the 1986 dress, "It is perhaps one of the most ornate, romantic of all her gowns. It comes with matching headband, optional sleeve panels and petticoat. The dress has a pretty, fairy-tale princess feel to it - with its opulent, shimmering gold panels, jewel-like rhinestones and pearl adornments. Importantly this is a dress that was not specially designed for the Princess but one she chose herself from an existing collection and one she chose to wear repeatedly. Elizabeth Emanuel said that because of its lavish decoration and striking gold and white colours that it was something that one either would love or hate and she remembered that the Princess had told her that she 'loved it.'"