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Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns Says Hillary Clinton Endorses Black 'Genocide’

Trump’s pastor pal doesn’t like Hillary and the Dems supporting Roe v. Wade.

Donald Trump does not like Hillary Clinton — and the pastor whom Trump brings along with him on the campaign trail believes that she harbors a desire to mass-murder black Americans.

Late last year, Pastor Mark Burns, co-founder of the South Carolina-based Christian TV network NOW, became a Trump surrogate after talking to the 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner at a closed-door meeting in New York City with various black pastors. Since then, Burns (or “Pastor Mark”) has introduced Trump at campaign events, prayed for him, sang his praises on social media, and gone on TV to talk about how wonderful a Trump presidency would be for the country, God, and black America.

“I'm not an Uncle Tom, no coon,” Burns said on MSNBC in November. “This is me looking at the politics, and looking at an individual, a strong leader that I believe that's going to bridge and bring a strength back to America.”

"Bernie Sanders…doesn't believe in God,” the pastor told a crowd of Trump fans last week. “Listen, Bernie gotta get saved. He gotta meet Jesus. He gotta have a come-to-Jesus meeting." (Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate and self-described democratic socialist, is Jewish.)

Just a day after calling out Sen. Sanders for lacking Christ in his life, Burns was introducing Trump at the real-estate mogul’s victory speech last Tuesday evening:

And earlier this month, Burns appeared on The Alex Jones Show (a hotbed of conspiracy-theory-mongering that is led by Trump ally Alex Jones) to discuss, among other topics, the GOP frontrunner, the black vote, and abortion in America.

“[The right to choose] is the extermination of—or genocide of—many in the African American community,” the pastor said during the interview.

“It vexes me greatly how [African Americans] will stand behind [Hillary Clinton who] is okay with the murders of babies,” he continued. “That’s really one of my major platforms behind Donald Trump. He loves babies. Donald Trump is a pro-baby candidate, and it saddens me how we as African Americans are rallying behind…a party that is okay with the genocide of black people through abortion.”

He certainly isn’t the first politically-minded person to make this kind of argument. In fact, the idea was also floated in the early 1970s by certain members of the radical leftist group the Black Panthers, who claimed abortion would "destroy our people." And before Rev. Jesse Jackson became pro-choice, he had told Jet magazine that "abortion is genocide."

Burns also made a point of denouncing Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that Trump has recently and publicly praised as doing “wonderful things having to do with women's health.” (Basically, Donald Trump is Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican presidential contender at the moment… or at least their least despised candidate.)