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Public Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong: The 13 Biggest Fails (VIDEO)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the 11 worst proposals, from fast food gone wrong to a JumboTron ‘no.’

Jilted at Jesus Jam

Perhaps the theory here is the greater the audience, the greater chance she’ll say yes? At Jesus Jam, Jerome proposes to his girlfriend of a year and a half—only to be disappointed in her response, or lack thereof. We're praying for you, Jerome!

After Only Two Weeks...

It was a ballsy move, we’ll give her that. This young lady proposed to her boyfriend on leap day, Feb. 29, after just two weeks of dating. Maybe it was the magic of a day that only comes once every four years...or maybe she was just really sure about the guy. Regardless, you’ll have to watch to see if he says yes.

An Audience of 10,000

Nothing could set you up for a more disappointing proposal moment than popping the question on the JumboTron at a sporting event. A few days before Christmas, one UCLA basketball fan decided to propose to his girlfriend in front of the entire stadium. What’s more embarrassing than being proposed to in front of 10,000 sports fans? You guessed it—being turned down in front of 10,000 people.

A Day on the Lake

This fisherman took his girlfriend on a boat trip across Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma, but he had a surprise up his sleeve. He asked her to record him performing a trick with the dogs they brought with them, but instead he offered a fake proposal. Pulling out a ring, he knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him, while simultaneously dropping the “diamond” into the murky waters below. Minutes later, he pulled out the real ring and redid his proposal, prompting a string of “Are you serious?” responses. Luckily, she said yes.

A Surprise at the Food Court

There’s something romantic about proposing in a food court—the heavenly aromas of Arby’s, McDonald’s, and Sbarro, the congested seating, the greasy food trays, the spilled soda, and the hustle and bustle from the nearby Target. Really, what could have gone wrong? Perhaps a synchronized flash mob would have been a bigger hit, or at least more entertaining for spectators to watch.

A Proposal to Die For

This gets props for being the most creative and most terrifying one we’ve seen yet. A man who is about to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend hoists himself up on a ledge—you know where this is going—to get the attention of their guests. As his friend tosses him the ring, the proposer fails to catch it and falls backward off the ledge and down several stories. Cruel intentions or cute prank? Regardless, we appreciate the slow-motion replay of his girlfriend’s reaction (was she channeling Chewbacca?) to seeing him fall to his supposed death.

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A Talk-Show Idol Doesn’t Help

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her good deeds, from helping injured animals to distributing food to America’s hungry people. When a fan of The Ellen Show wrote to the host asking to propose to his girlfriend on the show, DeGeneres jumped at the chance to help facilitate someone’s happily ever after. Unfortunately, the gesture didn’t go over so well, and when she said no, DeGeneres looked more than a little uncomfortable. I doubt the show’s producers factored “No, I’m sorry” into the options of how she might respond.

Forget the TiVo

The Aussie TV program Footy Show aired an episode from 2009 in which a member of the audience pulls his girlfriend on stage and pops the big question. Less than pleased with his approach, she says, “You cannot do this now,” and dramatically runs off stage. If you listen closely, you can hear the man saying, “I told my mum to record this. I’d better tell her not to record this.”

The Hot-Dog Guy Doesn’t Like You Either

It’s safe to say that proposing at a sporting event is borderline cliché, but having your longtime girlfriend reject your marriage proposal only to hear the nearby vendor yell, “Hot dogs! Hot dogs!” over and over is just plain cruel.

All-American Surprise, Ruined

This Boise State footballer wins the game, and the girl. Unfortunately, his “surprise” proposal to a Boise State cheerleader was ruined by the reporter who had been tipped off about what was coming.

Shut Down on National Television

We feel bad for the man who proposed to his girlfriend on national television, just to have her turn him down. But for a guy who decided to propose in front of hundreds of people in the audience, thousands of people watching around the country, and the love of his life, he’s not so good at articulating his feelings. Cut the “ums” and “uhs” and you might have a decent proposal. Regrettably, his girlfriend of “a few months” didn’t feel the same.

Startled on Stage

To the man proposing at a concert to his girlfriend: her reluctance to get on stage with you should have been the first clue. But we give him props; unlike others who have been denied in public and wallow in their rejection, this guy is the first man we’ve seen who chased his girlfriend for some follow-up chitchat.

Great Heights

When this man proposed to a woman on top of New York City’s Empire State Building, she offered him little solace. The hesitation in her voice when he said, “I want to ask you something,” was followed by a brutal “What the f--k are you doing?” as he got down on one knee. Apparently chivalry is dead.