Queen of Prints, Mary Katrantzou

For her Spring/Summer 2014, Mary Katrantzou shows a pattern-packed collection filled with fluorescent colors, over-sized ruffles, and Swarovski crystals.

Andrew Cowie/AFP via Getty,AFP

On Sunday, Mary Katrantzou secured her title as queen of serious prints. For her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the designer showed a series of dresses, tops, and trousers inspired by fashion's favorite accessory: the shoe. Three types of footwear -- including a brogue, a plimsoll, and an evening slipper -- established the basis for Katrantzou's theme.

The collection began with more muted hues -- maroon, black, white, and dark blue -- later transforming into the typical Katrantzou niche of bright neons -- ranging from pink to purple, yellow, and turquoise -- floral prints, and playful cuts, incuding feminine baby-dolls and strapless, overly-ruffled numbers, most embellshied with Swarovski crystals.

The shoes too were special entities -- integrating perfectly into the wildly flourescent and bejeweled pieces. A mixture between heeled-sneakers and lace-up booties, Katrantzou's kicked packed the same pizzazz (and patterns) as her party dresses.

With neutral make-up and hair tucked into their collars, models strutted down the runway to the Rolling Stones's "She's a Rainbow." What other song could possibly describe the Katrantzou girl as well?