Quiz: Kardashians’ New Book ‘Dollhouse’ or Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’?

Can you tell the difference between the reality TV stars’ new novel, Dollhouse, and the classic play A Doll’s House? Take the Daily Beast quiz.

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a. “I just want us all to be happy and healthy and safe…”b. “No, I have never been happy. I thought I was, but it has never really been so.”



a. “My, don’t you look to die for in that adorable dress!”b. “Are you fond of fancy-dress balls?”



a. “When I look back on it, it seems to me as if I had been living here like a poor woman—just from hand to mouth.”b. “She wanted to make a ton of money, too, so she could stop being poor and go back to the lifestyle she used to have, when her father was still alive.”



a. “Are you saying this deliberately? Yes, I am sure you are. I see it in your face.”b. “I have to put this on my Facebook status right this second!”


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a. “Why was everyone in the world in love except for her?”b. “I cannot help it. I do not love you anymore.”



a. “He played with me just as I used to play with my dolls.”b. “[They] used to play with it for hours, feeding their dolls, bathing them, putting them to bed.”



a. “Do you know, when I am out at a party with you like this, why I speak so little to you, keep away from you, and only send a stolen glance in your direction now and then? Do you know why I do that? It is because I make believe to myself that we are secretly in love, and you are my secretly promised bride, and that no one suspects there is anything between us.”b. “Suddenly she realized that the two of them were kind of the ‘it’ couple at this party. Not that they were a couple, but still.”



a. “Hot rage welled up in her chest.”b. “Pooh! This room is hot.”



a. “You have loved me as a wife ought to love her husband.”b. “I just love you so much. And I love our children so much.”



a. “Doctor Rank, you must have been occupied with some scientific investigation today.”b. “What? What do you mean you need to get an emergency vaginoplasty!”



1) a. Kardashians b. Ibsen2) a. Kardashians b. Ibsen 3) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians 4) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians 5) a. Kardashians b. Ibsen 6) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians 7) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians 8) a. Kardashians b. Ibsen 9) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians 10) a. Ibsen b. Kardashians


10/10: Kongratulations!8 or 9: You klearly went to kollege.6 or 7: You’re klever but should watch less E!4 or 5: Have you konsidered a kareer in reality television?3 and under: You’re a Kardashian.