They Wrecked It For Ralph

Ralph Lauren "Furious" At Kate Fashion No-Show

How would you feel if you were a top fashion designer and you had pledged over a million quid to sponsor one of Prince William's charities gala banquets at Windsor Castle—and then found out that Kate Middleton wasn't going to be there?

A little miffed, perhaps?

Well, apparently this is exactly the unhappy emotional state the designer Ralph Lauren found himself in and he is said to be to have been, "furious" when he discovered, less than six weeks ago, that Kate was not going to be at the dinner, in aid of the Royal Marsden cancer hospital, of which William is patron, attended by the likes of Emma Watson, Kate Moss, and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch.

:He considered pulling out but was told by his PR advisers that it would look terrible. The company thought they were getting Kate, the most famous clothes horse in the world, and also a runway show at the castle," a source tells Daily Mail diarist Sebastian Shakespeare.

Let's face it, Ralph has a point. Lots of celebrities arriving at Windsor Castle in nice frocks isn't that great a story with no Kate there.Unfortunately for Ralph, the two young royals have made a conscious decision to separate their charitable duties, in an effort to spread themselves across more causes. Also the reality is that when Kate and William appear together at the event, the press only really care about Kate.

However, maybe in future it would be better if William stuck to the military and conservation events, and Kate represented at the fashion shows. That way everyone, including Ralph, would be happy.

Ralph Lauren’s reps politely told the Daily Mail: "Mr Lauren has only ever been enthusiastic about attending the event."