Sex Tape Blues

Ray J’s Not-So-Classy Kim Kardashian Diss Track, “I Hit It First,” About Their Sex Tape Tryst

Ray J, the star of the infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian, released a song about it called “I Hit It First.”

Kanye West is going to lose his shit over this.

In an incredibly tasteless, desperate-for-attention move, Ray J, the one-time paramour of reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian—who co-starred in the infamous Kardashian sex tape that helped launch the bodacious starlet’s career—has released a diss track called “I Hit It First.”

“She might move on to rappers, ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first,” Ray J croons.

The cover art for the single, which was produced by Nic Nac and features Bobby Brackins, boasts a pixelated image of Kardashian in a bikini.

The release of the single couldn’t come at a worse time for Kardashian. She’s heavily pregnant with the child of mega-rapper Kanye West, and has been eating an unbelievable amount of (undeserved) crap for her appearance. Taking potshots at a pregnant woman who is starting a new life with a new love is beyond repugnant.

And the song’s refrain directly alludes to the couple’s sex tape.

“If you would’ve come back to me, girl, I know just how you’d do me / And if you would’ve come back to me, girl I know just why you choose me,” he sings. “And if you would’ve come back to me, girl I’ll give you a Jacuzzi / And if you wanna come back to me, girl, we’ll make another movie.”

Kardashian, 32, briefly dated Ray J after her four-year marriage to music producer Damon Thomas ended in 2004. Years later, in Feb. 2007, a sex tape she’d made with Ray J in 2003 was leaked to the Internet. Vivid Entertainment, a porn company that specializes in releasing celebrity sex tapes, bought the rights to the video for $1 million, renamed it Kim Kardashian: Superstar, and released it on Feb. 21. It became a bestseller and launched Kardashian, who had previously been known for partying with Paris Hilton and other socialites, into mainstream consciousness. Kardashian later sued Vivid and eventually settled with the company for $5 million. Meanwhile, sales of the Kardashian/Ray J sex tape reportedly spiked following her pregnancy announcement with West.

The career of Ray J (real name William Ray Norwood Jr.), the 32-year-old brother of singer Brandy, is on the downslope, to say the least. His 2005 sophomore album, Raydiation, was his biggest success, selling an estimated 400,000 copies domestically. He’s released four studio albums to date and starred in a number of silly reality TV shows, including the VH1 dating show For the Love of Ray J, and the VH1 series Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, alongside his older sister. And the release of “I Hit It First” is a clear effort to drum up publicity for his upcoming album, Raydiation 2, to be released sometime later this year.

After he got some backlash for tweeting a preview image of the track’s Kardashian cover art yesterday, Ray J tweeted, “Lol have some fun! It’s not that serious!!”

Can’t wait to hear what Mr. West has in store for this plebe.