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Reeling From Flynn Deal, Alex Jones Issues Civil War ‘Red Alert’—for 15th Time in Two Months

The site has been warning that war here is imminent—and even announcing its start—since the election. Lately, they’ve picked the pace up to 11.

Just after the word this morning that Gen. Michael Flynn had cut a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller, InfoWars issued a “Red Alert” warning that the “removal of Trump will trigger a massive civil war.”

Host Alex Jones explained that if “they remove Trump” after the “classic Americana being promoted and détente with Christian Russia,” it will cause a “massive civil war.”

While the “Red Alert” designation is new, InfoWars’ doomsaying is not. Jones’ site has referred to the imminent civil war over 50 times since Election Day in 2016, citing at different times various right-wing radio hosts, Kindle e-book authors, and Ted Nugent.

Other far-right websites, echoing the response from administration officials and Trump’s personal lawyer, Ty Cobb, rushed to distance the president’s former national security adviser from the campaign and administration.

Breitbart quickly placed the blame on Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and adviser, whose name was surrounded by emojis of princes on the website. “Did Mr. Perfect Sink Gen. Flynn?” the homepage headline blared on Breitbart, a website run by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, who frequently feuded with Kushner when he served as senior adviser to the president.

The Daily Caller led with a story titled “White House Plays Down Importance Of Flynn Guilty Plea,” in a four-paragraph story that consisted mostly of Cobb’s statement.

At InfoWars, however, it was once again time to warn of the impending civil war, for the 15th time in the past two months.

Beneath an all-caps red banner that screamed “ONE DAY LEFT FOR 50% OFF SELECT ITEMS AND FREE SHIPPING” on items like “The Real Red Pill Heart and Brain Formula,” Jones delivered a stern warning.

“Number one, you better get yourself right with God, and that means Jesus Christ. And number two, if they kill Trump or remove Trump when they’ve committed all these crimes, and done everything they say he’s done, when people see the economy turboing back, with real jobs and real money and real optimism to the average person and classic Americana being promoted and détente with Christian Russia and standing up to North Korea and securing our borders and just delivering at a dizzying level—it’s biblical—if we allow the evil people that hijack this country, the globalists, to remove Trump with all this fraud and if we buy into the hype and if we’re not strong and we don’t speak out, if these crazy globalists that don’t know how when to give up are actually able to remove Trump—I’m gonna walk through the scenarios for that coming up, because they mean business, they said he’ll be gone by the end of December, remember our intel from high-level Congressional sources? Just a few months ago—this is it!” he said.

“If they’re able to do that, it’ll cause a massive civil war in this country.”

InfoWars has spent the past few months warning in dozens of articles about a “Communist Revolution,” a “Violent Uprising,” and an “Antifa Civil War” to “Overthrow the Government” on Nov. 4. Despite the warnings of a YouTube star who dresses as a police officer, the uprising did not materialize.

The website’s Antifa civil war coverage began in early October, but conspiracies about a civil war triggered by the Las Vegas attack, citing a novelist who writes about fictional false flag attacks, and about an American civil war due to a “political class emboldened after [French President Emmanuel] Macron’s victory” date back even further.

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Less than a week after Trump’s win, the site ran the headline “IS A REAL CIVIL WAR POSSIBLE?” and a subheadline replying that “the very idea of America is in disrepute, and held in contempt” above an aggregated piece from saying it was “unlikely,” since Americans take too many psychoactive drugs to “get off the couch.”

But that didn’t seem to assure the site’s stalwarts. Editor Paul Joseph Watson wrote that “The left is willing to risk civil war in America & nuclear war with Russia because they’re butt-hurt about losing” in a story called “The Truth About Russia ‘Hacking The Election’” last December.

On the same day, Jones sent out an “Emergency Alert” that “the left are trying to overthrow Trump,” and that “rouge [sic] elements in CIA [are] helping the globalist left.”

The drumbeat continued through 2017, as a former Green Beret, Ted Nugent, and Roger Stone all predicted a civil war this year on InfoWars, with the site also citing far-right columnists and retired lieutenant colonels appearing on Fox & Friends to warn of the impending “bloody civil war [and] societal collapse.”

In February, InfoWars warned that a force led by former President Barack Obama himself was already assembled and awaiting orders. “SABOTAGE: OBAMA IS COMMANDING AN ARMY OF 30,000 ANTI-TRUMP ACTIVISTS FROM HIS HOME 2 MILES FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.”

Alex Jones said we are “on the brink” of a civil war in May. In June, he upgraded the outlook to “imminent.” He forewarned, “If Trump is impeached, BEWARE!”

Also in June, Jones prematurely declared that the “first shots (were) fired in second Civil war.” A week later, InfoWars posted a story titled “GET READY FOR CIVIL WAR!” pointing to a quote from Johnny Depp at a music festival in England.

The same month, the headline “TRUMP ASSASSINATION IMMINENT” appeared above a story about a Shakespeare in the Park performance of Julius Caesar.

Jones further examined the question, “Would Trump Assassination Lead to Civil War?”, in a video in July.

In October, InfoWars revealed the “Democratic Plan To Launch Civil War Using False Flag Discovered” by a man who ended the segment by asking viewers to buy his books on

In December of 2015, then-candidate Trump appeared on an InfoWars broadcast, where he told Jones: “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”