Rent is Too Damn High, Christine O’Donnell on First Amendment, and More Outrageous Debate Moments

From scene-stealing Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate Jimmy McMillan to Christine O'Donnell's First Amendment gaffe, WATCH VIDEO of the biggest blunders from this year's debates.

Rand Paul Supporters Stomp Woman at Debate

On October 25th, while Rand Paul and Jack Conway debated for the Kentucky senate seat, a woman representing attempted to present Paul with a satirical award and was instead intercepted by Rand Paul supporters who threw her to the ground and stomped on her head.

The Rent Is Too Damn High!

You heard him! Speaking as a karate expert, Jimmy McMillian stole the show at the New York gubernatorial debate on behalf of the Rent Is Too Damn High party. While he answered nearly every question with the same “The rent is too damn high!” response, in his own special way he still managed to weigh in on gay marriage, taxes, and education.

O’Donnell: That’s in the First Amendment?

At the debate on October 13, Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell said she would govern directly from the Constitution. Sounds great, except that, at another debate on October 19, it seemed like she didn’t really know the Constitution at all. She repeatedly questioned Democratic opponent Chris Coons about where the separation of church and state is in the Constitution.

Lions and Tigers and…Whores? Oh my!

At the California gubernatorial debates, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman rehashed a private message where Brown’s aide was caught calling Whitman a whore. After Whitman told Brown it was offensive to women, he called out Chairman Pete Wilson for calling Congress “whores.”

Kristin Davis: Albany Is Like a Bunch of Prostitutes

And speaking of working ladies, New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis—the madam who provided Eliot Spitzer with a prostitute—might actually have a valid point. At a New York debate, she said her experience with “whores” qualifies her to manage Albany. And, unlike the Metropolitan Transit Authority, her former escort business delivered service on time.

Angle to Reid: “Man Up”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Tea Party star Sharron Angle disagreed on several issues at the Nevada Senate debate, but Angle really got fired up when Reid addressed Social Security. So much so, she could only respond with fightin’ words. At least she didn’t call him a “girlie-man”?

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Aqua Buddha Crashes Rand Paul’s Debate

Hey, remember that crazy story about Rand Paul’s wacky Aqua Buddha college days? It unsurprisingly made a return appearance at his debate against Jack Conway. Suffice it to say, Rand Paul was not amused.

O’Donnell’s Supreme Blunder

At the October 13 debate, O’Donnell was asked to name a recent Supreme Court decision she disagreed with. When she was stumped, she told the audience to check her website the next day for her response. Naturally.

O’Donnell Fumbles Across the Aisle

But that’s not all! At an October 20 debate, O’Donnell also fumbled when asked to name a Democratic senator she’d feel comfortable working with, first naming Hillary Clinton (not a senator anymore) and then Joe Lieberman (not a Democrat anymore).