GOP Lawmaker Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked Question He Doesn’t Like

Iowa Congressman Rod Blum stormed out of an interview during only the second question, in front of a room of smiling kids.


Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) just took a page out of President Trump’s guide on how to handle interviews.

During an interview with an ABC affiliate TV9, Rep. Blum abruptly stormed out of the taping during the second question.

The interview had been in the works for weeks and took place in what appeared to be a classroom with TV9’s chief investigative reporter, Josh Scheinblum, and Blum surrounded by smiling children.

Everything seemed to be going well until Scheinblum asks Blum why the representative is requiring ID checks for his tele-town hall.

Blum explained that he only represents Iowans in the first district.

Scheinblum then presses Blum, saying some would argue that Blum should work to represent all Iowans, regardless of district.

“Would you still take donations from a Republican in Iowa City?” Scheinblum asks, naming a city that is not in the representative's district.

Blum then wheezes, abruptly stands, and says, “I’m done,” while ripping off his microphone.

You know what they say… If you can’t take the heat…