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Rick and Kathy Hilton to Force Son Conrad Hilton to Get Medical Help

The wayward grandson of the Hilton founder is cooling his heels in a cell after another disturbing episode. His long-suffering parents are now trying to force him to get help as a condition of springing him.

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

It seems rather quaint to recall that there was a time when the Hilton name was synonymous only with one of the world’s most prestigious chains of hotels, as opposed to sex tapes, reality-TV shows and, now, stalking, break-ins and grand theft auto.

For Conrad Hilton, 23, is locked up in a jail cell on $60,000 bail—and his long-suffering parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, are said to be trying to use his latest arrest to force Conrad to get proper medical help.

The latest Hilton nightmare began to unfold this weekend after Conrad, Paris Hilton’s little brother, was arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly stealing Rick Salomon’s Bentley and trying to break into the house of Salomon’s daughter, Hunter, who is Hilton’s ex-girlfriend.

Just in case they didn’t know who he was, a video of his arrest shows Hilton screaming homophobic abuse at police officers before unloading the classic line, “I’m Conrad motherfucking Hilton. Don’t you forget it!”

Conrad allegedly drove the stolen vehicle to Hunter’s house and tried to break in before he was collared.

In the video a female, believed to be Hunter, can be heard telling the police, “We were friends, and we hung out when I was 14 years old, and then, I don’t know what happened, he had some kind of mental breakdown.”

He’s still in the slammer, according to reports.

It is not the first time Conrad has tried to get into Hunter’s home; she got a restraining order against him after they stopped dating in May 2015, but he allegedly broke into her home a month later.

Veteran Hilton watchers will of course, be aware of a disconcerting generational shift here; Rick Salomon (Hunter’s father, and the owner of the purloined Bentley) was Paris’s partner in the infamous sex tape that launched the heiress into the wider public consciousness.

TMZ reports that Conrad—who has had a number of run-ins with law enforcement, including assaulting a flight attendant, DUI and probation violations—will be represented in court by lawyer Robert Shapiro, who tells TMZ he will ask the judge to impose a very specific condition on Conrad’s release: to allow him out but only if he agrees to enter a hospital.

Shapiro calls Conrad’s behavior “bizarre and unusual” and says he needs help.

Few are likely to disagree with his assessment.