RJC Retweets A Terror Flag

Look, retweets aren't endorsements; we all know that. But picture this scenario: a prominent and relatively respected Democratic Party organization based in Washington retweets another Twitter user whose avatar is the flag of Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda—in other words: terrorist groups. Can you imagine the uproar?

What, then, if a mainstream Republican group retweeted someone whose avatar bore the symbol of a terror group? That's exactly what happened during the presidential debate last night when the Republican Jewish Coalition retweeted someone who uses as their twitter avatar the Jewish Defense League's symbol—a Star of David silhouetting a clenched fist. Here's a screenshot of the retweet:

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is, thankfully, no longer active. But their Israeli counterpart, the banned political party and extremist group Kach—which shares its founder, members and symbol (save a color change from blue to yellow with the JDL)—remains a force there. These are, of course, extremist groups.

Again: it's not actually a big deal for them to retweet someone with an extremist group's logo as their Twitter avatar. But what would RJC say if a Democratic group did the same?