Robert Mueller Wants to Talk to Roger Stone’s Comedian Frenemy

The comedian told The Daily Beast that he won’t talk to the special counsel unless he gets subpoenaed.


Bob Mueller has some questions for comedian Randy Credico, according to the comedian himself. Credico told radio host Jimmy Dore on Sunday evening that the special counsel has reached out to him for a voluntary interview.

And Credico isn’t going to play ball. He told The Daily Beast he won’t talk to the special counsel unless he gets subpoenaed.

“The last thing that I would like to be known as is a rat,” Credico told The Daily Beast. “I didn’t talk to the House committee and I’m not going to talk to the Senate committee.”

Credico told The Daily Beast that Roger Stone has been accusing him of cooperating with Mueller, and shared emails where Stone suggests Credico has been wearing a wire for the special counsel. He said he refused to voluntarily interview with Mueller because he is tired of the accusations. “There was a reason why I didn’t submit to a voluntary interview, and that is because I had already been pummeled by Stone and his crew as being a rat,” Credico said.

“Stone denied the allegations. “I have only badgered him to tell the truth,” Stone said. “I have never urged him not to cooperate with any official inquiry—only to tell the truth.”

Credico has long interested congressional investigators working on the Russia probes because of his relationship with Trump ally Roger Stone. Stone reportedly claimed to the House intelligence committee that Credico was a backchannel between him and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Stone made comments about Wikileaks during the election that appeared prescient, so any connections between him and Assange are of interest to Russia investigators.

Credico has denied facilitating any communication between Stone and Assange. But the the Wall Street Journal reported last month that Stone asked Credico to reach out to Assange on his behalf; Credico told the paper he didn’t assent to Stone’s request.

Mueller appears to be zeroing in on Stone. ABC News reported earlier this month that a former social media advisor to Stone took questions from Mueller’s grand jury. And CNN reported last month that Mueller has been asking witnesses about Stone’s finances.

The House intelligence committee subpoenaed Credico in November.

“Both sides are circuses and it’s all political for everybody there,” Credico said. “Whereas the investigators for the Mueller team I take very seriously and it’s not political, it’s professional. You’ve got really professional investigators and prosecutors there and they’re not running for reelection, you know what I mean? So they’re not grandstanding.”

Credico said the request from Mueller’s team came about three weeks ago, and that he and his lawyers declined.

Editor’s note: This story was updated 10:45 a.m. to add comment from Roger Stone.