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Ron Burgundy Sings About Rob Ford and More of This Week’s Viral Videos

From Ron Burgundy singing about Rob Ford to Harvard students taking over Yale tours, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. Jiggle Your Bells

Who knew Joe Boxer male models could be great musicians? Watch them move their hips to the tune of “Jingle Bells” in this ad for Kmart.

4. The Epic Split

After Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo teamed up to make an acrobatically stunning advertisement, Channing Tatum decided to recreate the trick. His spoof of the stunt doesn’t end so spectacularly.

3. Punk’d

This is the perfect example of a prank gone wrong. A guy decided to prank his girlfriend of five years by telling her he cheated on her. She got the last laugh.

2. An Ivy for an Ivy

The never ending Harvard vs. Yale battle rages on. A group of pranksters from Cambridge decided to take the train down to New Haven and become Yale students for the day. Dressed in Yale apparel, they gave factually dubious tours to unsuspecting parents and prospective students.

1. Ron on Rob

Apparently, Ron Burgundy and Rob Ford are good friends. It seems like a match made in heaven. In the spirit of friendship, Burgundy decided to lend his vocal chops to help Ford’s run for reelection.