Kuala Lumpur

Royal Tour Rolls On

The WillKat convoy hit Malaysia today, with the Young Royals touching down in Kuala Lumpur.

Kate spent time with 15-year-old Zakwan Anuar (below), who is terminally ill with acute leukaemia.

The 15-year-old was so set on meeting the Duchess that he postponed a blood transfusion for 24 hours so he would not miss her visit.

The Duchess asked him about his treatment and said: 'You must be very, very brave. Are you in pain? You’re a brave boy. Thank you so much for coming to see me.'

Kate used the visit to make her first official speech on foreign soil.

She said, 'I have learnt that delivering the best possible palliative care to children is vital. Providing children and their families with a place of support, care and enhancement at a time of great need is simply life changing. With effective palliative care lives can be transformed. Treatment, support, care and advice can provide a lifeline to families at a time of great need.'