Hey Girl

Ryan Gosling Chrome Extension ‘Hey Girl’ Transforms Your Webpage Into ALL Gosling

An amazing Google Chrome extension called “Hey Girl” transforms your entire webpage into Ryan Gosling.

You know what's more attractive than your current homepage, favorite news outlet, and all your Facebook friends combined? Ryan Gosling.

A new Google Chrome extension called—what else?—“Hey Girl” aims to make your browsing experience a little easier on the eyes. Here’s how it works: drag the button on heygirl.io into your bookmarks bar, navigate to a page, click it, and, voila: every picture is swapped out with one of the Gos looking handsome, studly, pensive, impassioned, and just plain sexy.

We selflessly tested it, and sure enough, everything—even The Daily Beast—looks better with a quick Gosling treatment.

The extension was built when New York–based web developer Katherine Champagne was jokingly changing a friend’s profile information to Channing Tatum at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. On a challenge from her teacher, she turned the idea into a Gosling-themed bookmarklet.

“I hope that heygirl.io inspires more women to get into web development—there needs to be more of us, ladies!” she told Mashable on Tuesday. “It’s not all math, it’s not boring—as I hope heygirl.io evidences, I’ve found programming to be an incredible creative outlet.”

With his myriad dedicated Tumblrs and fan-girl paraphernalia, this is just another friendly reminder: It’s Ryan Gosling’s Internet, we’re just happily living in it.