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Ryan Gosling’s 1991 Talent Show & More of His Best Dance Moves (Video)

A new video has emerged of an 11-year-old Ryan Gosling hamming it up at a Mormon talent show. From his Dirty Dancing bit in Crazy Stupid Love, to his locker-room shimmy in Remember the Titans, see how the actor’s dancing has evolved—and some of his best moves over the years.

1991 Mormon Talent Show

Released in December of 1990, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” injected dance clubs across the United States with groovy energy. The hit track by C+C Music Factory also inspired an adolescent Ryan Gosling, prompting him to perform this timeless dance-off duet with his sister, Mandi, at a Mormon talent show in 1991. Only 11 at the time of the performance, Gosling was a star in the making, blowing away the crowd with his funky moves.

Salsa Dancing in ‘Breaker High’

Not the traditional high-school teen comedy, Breaker High revolved around a group of lively teens attending school on a cruise ship. Gosling played the role of Sean Stanley Hanlon, a nerd striving to be Prince Charming, who demonstrates his nerdiness in this playful scene where he shows off his salsa-dancing skills to two of his female classmates—first claiming to have learned the moves from a sexy Latina but later admitting he rented a salsa video from the library.

Mickey Mouse Club

Before the likes of You Tube and hit reality shows like American Idol and The Voice, many teen singers got their breaks on this updated version of the classic television series, The Mickey Mouse Club. In this short clip aired in 1993, Ryan Gosling gives an energetic performance of Go West’s “Faithful,” alongside future stars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. Showing Gosling already wooing the female crowd at 13, this foreshadows his rise to become one of America’s sexiest male stars.

Dancing with a Sex Doll

Lars and the Real Girl (2007), starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, and Paul Schneider, centers around a reclusive and delusional young man, Lars, portrayed by Gosling, who enters into a serious relationship with Bianca, a doll he ordered from an adult website. In this moving scene, Gosling awkwardly dances next to a wheelchair-bound Bianca, who is being swiveled by Lars’s friend.

‘The Notebook’: Dancin’ in the Street

The Notebook (2004) not only was one of most popular romantic dramas produced in the past 20 years, but also Ryan Gosling’s breakout film. As the film’s star, Gosling played Noah, a poor laborer who falls for the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, Allie, portrayed by Rachel McAdams. This famous dance scene is crucial to the film, because it marks the beginning of the two’s passionate love story.

‘Remember the Titans’ Locker Room Groove

Before he stole the collective American female heart as the romantic Noah in 2004’s The Notebook, Gosling was just a scrawny defensive back with a song in his heart—and some groovy dance moves to match. Watch him break into a contagious rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and get the entire locker room to join in.

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Dirty Dancing in ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’

No woman can resist the overwhelming romance of Patrick Swayze’s iconic lift scene in Dirty Dancing—and that’s exactly what Gosling’s character, Jacob, proved to Hannah (Emma Stone) in this scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love. A cliché downpour of rain and Gosling’s rock-hard abs didn’t hurt either.

The ‘Rude Boy’ Dance

Patrick Swayze isn’t the only person Gosling took dance cues from last year. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Gosling demonstrated a move he learned while spending time with orphans in Congo. One little girl showed him a unique, eye-rolling, hip-swaying technique that Ryan couldn’t resist performing on the show. Rihanna would be proud.

The Awkward Teacher in ‘Half Nelson’

While playing the caring, idealistic Mr. Dunne in 2006’s Half Nelson, Gosling demonstrated some classic awkward-teacher moves at a junior-high dance. All it takes is a smooth, alternating punch and goofy smile to recreate this Gosling signature move.

Funny or Die Dance

Not only is he a diversely skilled dancer, but he’s generous too! This clip shows Gosling sharing his dance moves with one of his youngest costars in the Funny or Die video “Drunk History Christmas.” Hands on hips and a few simple kicks never looked so good.