Ryan Lochte: Sex, Swimming & More Crazy Things From Reality TV Trailer

Six things we learned about the world's fastest swimmer from his E! reality TV trailer.

Ryan Lochte is like a golden retriever.

He’s playful, he’s always wagging his tail, he’s excellent at playing fetch, and all he wants to do is have his belly rubbed and be given attention.

And attention is exactly what Lochte has gotten ever since he was crowned the world's fastest swimmer during the 2012 London Olympics. In the first sneak peak at his new E! reality TV show (premiering April 21 at 10pm), viewers get a look inside the life of the famed athlete. Here, we compile the 6 most ridiculous, "Jeah!" worthy moments from the trailer.

Enfidence vs. Emphasis: There’s a Difference

When describing how to properly pronounce his trademark sound “Jeah”, Lochte advises viewers to put the “[sic] enfidence” on the ‘J’ and ‘E’. Considering “Jeah” is a fabricated word, we can’t be certain whether or not Lochte meant to say “emphasis,” or was simply adding another item to his fictionalized dictionary.

He Doesn’t Know How Many Olympic Medal’s He’s Won

“I got like two gold, and two bronze?” Lochte guesses when trying to remember how many medals he won during the 2012 London Olympics. In reality, Lochte snagged two gold, two silver and one bronze. So is he humble, or just forgetful?

He Likes to Get Smashed Before a Big Meet

In one scene shown after swim practice, Lochte tells his coach that he’s going out for a few beers. “Going out? Are you kidding me right now?” Asks Mike, Lochte’s swim coach. “Before a big meet like this? Tomorrow morning, be ready, be responsible ,” he warns. Lochte gives him a playful grin: “Always! That’s me—responsible.”

He’s a Little Bit of a Slut

He doesn’t call himself a “player” but as his friend and assistant Gene says, “Ryan’s the type of guy who lives everyday to the fullest.”

“You’re always with a different girl, what’s up with you and women, man?” Gene asks Ryan over a game of golf. “They’ll get too jealous because I’m always traveling,” Lochte explains. “They think I’m cheating on them. I want to settle down, I want to find that one I could spend the rest of my life with...but I just don’t see that sh*t happening, anytime soon!”

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He Gets Teary-Eyed

Talking about his first Olympic win, Lochte starts crying. Enough said.

He makes up Mantras

“Don’t duplicate, Just [sic] recipitate,” says Lochte, holding a “Lochte” branded shoe in one hand and pointing a threatening finger at the camera with the other.