Samantha Bee Praises Jake Tapper for Taking Down ‘Fountain of Lies’ Kellyanne Conway

The ‘Full Frontal’ host could not believe her eyes when CNN didn’t suck for a day.

Samantha Bee had a lot of news to catch up on Monday night. On the one hand, “Nordstrom has not been seized by the National Guard yet.” On the other, “A sentient bag of hairspray fumes was put in charge of education.” But the most surprising piece of news she had to share with viewers was this: “CNN had a good day.”

“I know! We couldn’t believe it, either,” the Full Frontal host said. “First, after briefly banning Kellyanne Conway for being a flaxen-haired fountain of lies, CNN let her back through the gates, straight into Jake Tapper’s cage. And they haven’t fed him this week.”

After playing some highlights from Tapper’s impressive 25-minute takedown of President Trump’s top counselor, in which he repeatedly condemned the administration for spreading “falsehoods,” Bee said, “Damn, Jake. Wow, I didn’t think CNN let you use the f-word on the air.”

But Tapper’s Conway interview was just one of several CNN moments Bee found praiseworthy Wednesday night. There was also their sustained coverage of the audio-only arguments for and against Trump’s travel ban and the much-hyped debate between Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on Obamacare in primetime.

“It’s like Jeff Zucker looked at his election ratings and said, ‘Hey, what if it was election all the time?’” Bee said, adding, “The socialist and this Slytherin played all their greatest hits.” But most shocking was the fact that “this event that we expected to be a pointless trainwreck actually ended up being a semi-thoughtful debate on the merits and flaws of America’s health-care system.”

“I can honestly say I would give my left tit to have either one of you wonderful mansplaining pricks in the White House right now,” she said of Sanders and Cruz.

“We were watching CNN and not just in an airport bar with the sound off,” Bee added. “We saw you serve the public interests for almost half a day. And sure, it couldn’t last forever,” she said, flashing a photo of Don Lemon on the screen. “We’re just hoping you’d wake up hungry tomorrow.”