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Sarah Palin Co-Hosts the ‘Today’ Show on NBC (VIDEO)

‘Lamestream’ media pariah no more? Sarah Palin took Rockefeller Plaza on Tuesday as she joined Matt Lauer and Ann Curry to co-host the Today show. From her threatening to punch critics of pregnancy weight gain ‘in the neck’ to an awkward back-and-forth with Lauer, watch the best moments from Palin’s morning-television debut.

Sarah Palin Does Her Homework

Remember when the former Alaska governor couldn't name which newspapers she read? If her Today opening is any indication, maybe she really does read all of them. At the beginning of her co-hosting gig, Matt Lauer quipped that the former VP candidate was "doing her homework" when she appeared in a shot covered by newspapers.

Sarah Palin: The Co-host With the Most?

Look who's part of the lamestream media now. The former VP candidate made her much-anticipated appearance on NBC’s Today, but she didn't escape Matt Lauer's awkward questions about her less-than-illustrious record and the GOP ticket. What would Lauer’s longtime co-host Katie Couric think?

What Would Make Palin Punch Someone ‘In the Neck’?

Nothing like a little violence with your coffee. Today’s “Professionals” panel tackled Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, vitriolic speech in politics, and Facebook apps, but nothing riled the former Alaska governor quite like a discussion about Jessica Simpson’s weight during her pregnancy. When asked how she would have reacted to similar criticism, Palin didn’t hesitate: “I would have wanted to punch them in the neck.”

How to Be a Mama Grizzly to a Teenage Daughter

During an interview on raising teenage daughters with Haley Kilpatrick, author of The Drama Years, and Janet Taylor, Palin weighed in on her parenting experience. So, what does the mother of three daughters think girls need? Good role models on reality TV—dare we say Dancing with the Stars and Sarah Palin’s Alaska?

The Newest Member of the ‘Lamestream Media’

Will Palin’s criticism of the “lamestream media” change now that she had a chance to be part of it? The former VP contender ended her co-hosting gig by revisiting an early interview with Matt Lauer—or rather, what she wore to a previous interview with the anchor. “I wasn’t going to go all Johnny Cash on you today … I said Todd, what the heck am I going to wear,” she said of choosing her black outfit.