Going Rogue And Blue

Sarah Palin Moved to Tears in Louisiana

At a rally for longshot Senate candidate on the bayou, Sarah Palin got choked up on Thursday.

Spencer Platt/Getty

Sarah Palin, a former reality television star, appeared at rally for Rob Maness, the Tea Party candidate for Senate in Louisiana in New Orleans today, and promptly mocked President Obama for that “hopey-changey stuff.”

But moments later, Palin’s eyes welled with tears at a very Obama-esque notion, when Maness, a retired colonel in the Air Force, describing spending 32 years “soaring above our fruited plain and seeing our purple mountains majesty. Because when you are high above the land of the free there is simply no red or blue states, just the United States of America.”

Maness choked up as well, while it took Palin, standing to his side, several moments to dry her eyes and compose herself.”

The rally for Maness occurred in small hotel conference room at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, and was thrown together at the last moment, with organizers passing out small slips of paper that simply read: “AN EVENT WITH SARAH PALIN 5:15 Tonight Elmwood Room 3rd Floor JOIN US NOW” to convention attendees while the former Alaska governor did a live interview with Sean Hannity in one of the convention's main rooms.

Palin is credited with elevating conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to the US Senate, but Maness is considered a much longer shot. Most of the Republican establishment here is behind Rep. Bill Cassidy—whose forces are also well represented at the RLC—and Maness is polling in the single digits.

Still, Palin did her part. When Maness bragged that Louisiana is the most pro-life state in the nation, Palin mouthed off mike, “Yea. That is awesome.”

And she told the few dozen attendees that Maness would govern much in the manner of Cruz and Lee.

“It’s been this political machine, that permanent political establishment, that permanent class there in DC that has been out of touch from what we believe in,” she said, adding that Maness, “certainly respects the wisdom of the people, and we are expecting, praying for, hoping the wisdom of the people to manifested in the vote for your next United States Senator Rob Maness!”

Conservatives in Alaska have been trying to get Palin to run for the U.S. Senate there, but it does not seem as if she has many plans to return to the campaign trail on behalf of herself. After her Hannity interview, Palin spent several minutes chatting with convention goers. When one told her about a house he had just bought in Alaska, the former governor said that she wanted to head home for fishing season.”

“But then I’m going somewhere warmer,” she said.