Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear on ‘President Clinton’ After Mueller Indictments

President Trump’s biggest Fox News defender had a full-on meltdown Monday night.

“This may be one of the most important monologues I ever give on this show.”

That’s how Sean Hannity began his unhinged rant against the woman he mistakenly called “President Clinton” at the end of what may have actually been President Donald Trump’s worst day yet in office.

After calling on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to “indict” Hillary Clinton instead of anyone associated with Trump in a Friday night tweetstorm, Hannity returned to the air Monday night “seething” almost as hard as reports have suggested the president has been all day following news that two of his former campaign aides have been charged with serious crimes.

“Tonight we have a major crisis in this country,” Hannity told his viewers. “Does America have equal justice under the law? It appears tonight the answer is no. Because from everything we now know there is one justice system for the Clintons, the left, liberals and all their cronies, and another one for everyone else in America.” He set over the next hour he would set out to prove that there is “zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.”

But instead of doing that, Hannity spent the vast majority of his time focused squarely on the candidate who lost the president election, offering “incontrovertible evidence” that “Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and others sold out America's national security interests.”

Hannity did inform his viewers about the charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates but only so that he could deem them “pathetic.” As for George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign adviser whose indictment was unsealed Monday, he said, “Now, I knew everybody in the Trump campaign. I never heard about Papadopoulos until today. And I think I knew everybody.”

“So now that we have no Trump collusion, here’s what we do have tonight,” Hannity said. “This is what the media will ignore. This is what matters. These are the facts. This is where the evidence comes in.”

Then he immediately gave himself away by asking, “What did President Clinton—or President Clinton wannabe,” he said, catching himself, “President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?”

“This is beyond insanity and it’s inexcusable,” Hannity said of that years-old deal, which Trump and his allies have been using to deflect from the current investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

He might as well have been talking about his eminently “important” monologue.