Sean Hannity and Seb Gorka Are Going to Singapore for Trump’s North Korea Summit

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka and Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity will be in Singapore covering Trump’s talks with Kim Jong Un.

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

When President Donald Trump traveled to Asia for a weeks-long trip last year, he publicly lamented that he could not catch his favorite Fox News shows. But when he visits the continent for talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un next week, some of Fox News’ biggest stars will be readily available to him in-person.

Former White House aide and Fox News contributor Dr. Sebastian Gorka revealed Monday on Fox Business Network that he will travel with primetime star Sean Hannity to Singapore for the summit.

“I’m delighted to go with Sean Hannity and his team,” Gorka said. “So we will be there on the ground reporting for Fox and Fox Business.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Hannity would broadcast his eponymous show for three days from Singapore, but when asked about the trip, the Fox News host told The Daily Beast that there is “nothing definite” to announce yet.

Neither Fox News nor Dr. Gorka returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

Both Trump-friendly commentators have mirrored the president’s whiplash-inducing wavering between supporting the summit and threatening Kim with nuclear annihilation.

Despite his previous reservations about a meeting between President Barack Obama and North Korea, Hannity has become an outspoken advocate for Trump’s meeting with the North Korean dictator, claiming that people will call Trump a “transformational president” who should receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

“The president’s strategy is now seeing significant progress that’s great for the world,” Hannity said on his show in April.

During his time in the White House, Gorka dismissed then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s claims that Americans shouldn’t fear war with North Korea, and warned the nation not to “test” Trump.

“This is a Lilliputian nation, if you compare it to our capabilities," Gorka said on FBN. "So this is bluster. This is nothing else except blackmail, and we do not give in to blackmail, and North Korea and the head of the North Korea Stalinist regime should not test this president."