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Secrets of the Queen’s Gloves

The Queen's glove maker hands out secrets.

A Jubilee wouldn’t be a Jubilee without plenty of royal waves, and a royal wave wouldn’t be a royal wave without the Queen performing it with a be-gloved hand.

In today’s Telegraph, a true piece of obsessive royal nerdery takes us inside the workshops of royal glove makers Cornelia James Ltd.

Among the amazing revelations by writer Sarah Rainey:

“During her 60 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has shaken millions of hands. In 2010 alone, she had 444 engagements, averaging 100 handshakes a visit – or 44,400 in a year.”

“Once, Princess Anne returned a pair of navy blue gloves that had faded on the right hand. It turned out that she’d just visited a hot country where lots of ladies wear hand cream. The chemicals had rubbed off on her gloves.”

“The Queen likes classic gloves – she really only wears black and white. They’re usually the same style: cotton and nylon, washable, very simple and practical. Most of her gloves are about six inches long, or 'bracelet length’, and they make around 12 pairs a year."

"The Queen looks after her gloves – she doesn’t tend to leave them on buses like the rest of us.”

Diana, Princess of Wales wore the company’s gloves which, “helped cover up her bitten nails.”

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