Making Up for Lincoln's Error

Self-Deportation, Democrat Style

Rick Perry blew his last chance at secession--Texas is turning purple fast.

I'm sure you've been reading about the secession petitions. There's a place on the White House web site for citizens to push petitions, and if they get 25,000 signatures, the White House says it will do something or other to respond, no matter the cause.

Twelve states advanced secession petitions after Obama won reelection. Only Texas's got remotely close to the required number of signatures (indeed Texans met the threshold). But that no-fun-nik Rick Perry came out today against the idea.

Now there's a new petition: to deport every jerkazoid who signed a secession petition. If you wanna sign, it's right here. It's early days yet, so it has only about 2,000 signatories so far.

Perry might want to reconsider after reading this Houston Chronicle item looking at demographic and political trends in his state:

A mathematical analysis of demographic trends and voting results by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News finds that Texas Democrats will reach parity with Republicans at the presidential election level by 2024 if current population and electoral participation trends continue.

Texas has 38 electoral votes, and presumably will have 40 by 2024, since it will likely gain population. If those 40 are up for grabs--no; when those 40 are up for grabs, which will have followed Georgia's 16 and Arizona's 11--conservatism won't have a prayer of getting anywhere near a majority vote in this country. The Republican Party will still exist, but it will be a very different party than it is today. And that, I can live with. It will have taken a long time, but the error Lincoln made--taking them back--will finally cease to matter that much.