Serial Foot Stomper Targets Texas Women

Toe trashing hooligan remains at large.

An unknown assailant is taking his foot fetish into an even darker place, and is getting all 50 Shades of Grey with strange women’s toes in Austin, Texas. His MO is to ride up to an unsuspecting female on his bike, give their toes a quick stamp, and then take off. He’s also been reported to have poked and elbowed his victims on occasion.

"I immediately pushed him off of me and asked him what the F he was doing, and he said this was normal for him and just casually rode off and then looked back and smiled," Kerry Kovacik told KEYE.

Dozens of victims have reported incidents, which they herald as so bizarre that it’s not immediately clear to them they’ve been the victims of a targeted attack.

“My foot bruised and was swollen and I realized, if he’s doing this to other people he could break someone’s foot or it could escalate,” Kovacik adds.

She posted about her incident on Reddit, and in doing so has found that she wasn’t alone in the twisted experience—one even posted a photo of the alleged aggravator, garnering some 300 comments.

“We used to call him Chester, but I forget his real name,” said user Pooptank13. “He’s all up and down south Lamar and most bars in that area have banned him. Westgate Central Market gets visits too occasionally.”

One thing is clear, the women of Texas aren’t going to take having their toes crushed lying down.

“I started carrying a taser because of him,” Pooptank13 noted.

Watch the video above for more information.