Seth Meyers: Roy Moore Was ‘Deeply Unfit for Office’ Before Child Molesting Allegations

Like much of America, the ‘Late Night’ host wonders how on earth anyone is still defending this man.


After running through the lowlights of President Donald Trump’s still ongoing trip through Asia, Seth Meyers spent the bulk of his latest “A Closer Look” segment examining the increasingly abhorrent behavior of Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The Late Night host displayed The Daily Beast’s coverage of the fifth woman to accuse the candidate of sexual misconduct, who presented her high school yearbook, signed by “Roy Moore, D.A.” Of course, he added, “When you’re a 30-year-old signing a 16-year-old’s yearbook, the D.A. stands for ‘dis asshole right here.’”

“And yet, despite all this evidence,” Meyers continued, “the paranoid right-wing fringe that supports Moore would rather believe the a wide-ranging conspiracy is at work to destroy him.”

For instance, there was Steve Bannon who “slithered out of his fever-swamp” to accuse the Washington Post, which first broke the story, of “conspiring with Democrats to destroy Moore and Trump.”

Meyers called Moore’s attempts to defend himself “less than persuasive,” most notably in a radio interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that seemed to do more harm than good.

“Not only are the accounts from Moore’s accusers credible and supported by more than 30 sources, but the people who know Moore have since come forward to corroborate the fact that Moore liked to date teen girls,” the host added, before condemning the few Alabamians who have gone to “grotesque lengths” to defend the former judge.

As for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s call for Moore to step aside, Meyers wondered aloud what actions the Republican Party will take to stop him. When reporters tried in vain to ask that question of Senate Republicans and members of the Trump administration, he said, “They look like a bunch of lizards who think they’re blending in with their environment, but forgot they’re not chameleons.”

“But let’s not forget that even before these revelations, Moore was deeply unfit for office,” Meyers concluded. “He disobeyed court rulings, said 9/11 was God’s punishment for sodomy, believes homosexual behavior should be illegal and said Muslims should be barred from serving in Congress. And now he’s accused of molesting a child. This should be a no brainer.”