Seth Meyers Tears Apart ‘Elaborate Fantasy’ of GOP Memo

“This administration is so incompetent they cover their tracks with bigger tracks.”


“Republicans have concocted an elaborate fantasy about a conspiracy deep within the FBI to destroy Donald Trump,” Seth Meyers warned ominously Thursday night. And now that the infamous Nunes memo could be released at any moment, the situation is only going to get worse.

The Late Night host listed off some of the many ways in which Trump and his administration have potentially obstructed justice over the past year, including the time that his communications director Hope Hicks allegedly said the emails that led to Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian officials “will never get out.”

“Not only did the emails get out,” Meyers said, “the comment about how the emails would never get out got out. This administration is so incompetent they cover their tracks with bigger tracks.”

“And yet, as more evidence comes out about Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice, Republicans in Congress are becoming more aggressive about protecting him,” the host continued, bringing him to the memo, which even Trump’s hand-picked FBI director wants to keep classified.

But while Vice President Mike Pence is speaking out on “the public’s right to know,” Meyers isn’t buying it. “Oh, really?” he asked. “In that case, will you release Trump’s tax returns? Will you release the White House visitor logs? Will you release all the Russia-related emails? Will you release Eric?” With each question, Pence could be seen shaking his head above the host’s shoulder.

“There’s a very clear through-line here, from the initial false statement about the Trump Tower meeting to the secret GOP memo,” Meyers said. “At every turn, the Trump team has sought to conceal the truth and interfered with an investigation to get at the truth.”

“Mike Pence, don’t you have any shame?” he asked. No. No, he does not.