Settler Backs Romney's One-State Vision

Mitt Romney's "long-term plan for a one-state solution" took a lot of heat over the past few days (including in these pages). But the GOP presidential nominee's plan to hope for a change in the Mideast conflict is winning some plaudits. The chief of a West Bank settlement council is quite happy about it:

Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria chairman Dani Dayan said Romney’s viewpoint had become more common in recent years among international figures, who have started admitting publicly and not just privately that they do not believe there will be a two-state solution and are seeking other alternatives.“He described the reality that anyone with eyes can see,” Dayan said. “More and more people around the world realize it. After 20 years of the Oslo diplomatic process, anyone who thinks two states is still possible doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

Here's one thing we do know: when a de facto one-state solution becomes a de jure one-state solution, Israel will either cease to be a democracy or a Jewish State.