SNL Trolls Spineless Republicans Who Won’t Stand Up to Trump in ‘The TBD Story’

The NBC late-night sketch show aired a compelling trailer for a film called ‘Courage, Compassion, Country: The TBD Story,’ about an unnamed Republican who’d take on Trump.


There was plenty for Saturday Night Live to dig its teeth into this week, from Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself over a pair of undisclosed meetings with the Russian ambassador to the embarrassing press tour of Trump’s alleged “man in Moscow,” Carter Page. It is possible that the late-night sketch show’s plan was thrown into disarray due to President Trump’s series of unhinged tweets Saturday morning alleging that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower (a theory based on zero evidence, and probably culled from a Breitbart story based on an unsubstantiated rumor), but with the exception of a so-so opening bit featuring Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump, the political satire was lacking this week sans the comedic talents of Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin.

One highlight, however, came in the form of a fake trailer for the movie Courage, Compassion, Country: The TBD Story. Over a montage of chaotic news clips, the trailer voiceover went: “It was a country in chaos. A nation divided. Led by a president with unchecked power. Until one Republican decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party. Who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of… TBD.”

Yes, SNL took it upon themselves to troll Republicans for putting party over country and refusing to stand up to President Trump, a man who one of the Wall Street Journal’s editors—a paper that hasn’t exactly been tough on Trump—called “mentally ill.” Watch the trailer here: