SNL’s Hilarious Kylo Ren ‘Undercover Boss’ Star Wars Parody

With ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ star Adam Driver hosting this week, you knew there would be a skit or two set in a galaxy far, far away. Well, SNL didn’t disappoint.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already broken a number of box office records, including the biggest opening weekend ever and the highest domestic gross ever with $832 million and counting. But with great gross comes great scrutiny, and while many have fawned over J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars sequel/reboot, others have taken it upon themselves to criticize everything from its plot, essentially a remix of the first two films, to the characters. One of the most polarizing of these characters is Kylo Ren, the Force-literate villain of the film, played by Adam Driver. With his Garnier Fructis’d mane and frequent outbursts of rage, he’s even inspired the popular Twitter parody account “Emo Kylo Ren,” which has collected over 730,000 followers.

And with Driver hosting Saturday Night Live, you knew Kylo and his beautiful black mane would make an appearance. Following a Ted Cruz-skewering cold open, SNL aired a hilarious parody of the reality show Undercover Boss, which depicts bosses going undercover at their various businesses to catch wind of what their employees really think of them. Behold Undercover Boss: Star Killer Base.

In it, Kylo Ren (Driver) goes undercover as “Matt,” the moodiest of radar technicians, embedding among the Stormtroopers and Imperial guards to get the dirt.

“You get so caught up restoring the galaxy to its rightful state that you miss what’s going on behind the scenes,” says Kylo. “I’m looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks.”

Cue hilarious scenes of Kylo grilling off-duty Stormtroopers and Imperial officers about what they think of him. “What do you guys think of Kylo Ren?” he asks in one scene. “Do you guys believe when he says he’s going to finish what Darth Vader started?”

We also see Kylo get badgered by Leslie Jones’ supervising technician and bullied by the Stormtroopers—that is, until he gets so damn mad he can’t take it anymore. Watch SNL’s funniest sketch of the night, here: