South Carolina Man Accused of Beating His Mother, Leaving Her to Die with Demon King’s Name Scrawled on Her Chest

Chase Wall, a 33-year-old with a record of meth production and domestic abuse, has been charged with the attempted murder of his mother, who was left with a demon’s name on her chest.

Myrtle Beach Police Department

Before he allegedly beat his mother, stole her car, and left her for dead with a demon’s name scrawled across her chest, Chase Wall wrote a Tumblr post about the demon and asked the internet to help him deflect government mind control.

Wall, 33, was charged with attempted murder this past Wednesday, after Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, police responded to reports of a woman unconscious in a hotel room. They found Wall’s 66-year-old mother in bed with a broken nose and two black eyes. “Blood was running down the side of the bed,” a police report reads. As police loaded the battered woman into an ambulance, they noticed the black writing on her body. Someone had written “Asmoday,” the name of a three-headed “king of demons” on her chest. And just four months earlier, Wall had written and posted a rambling poem about speaking to the demon, his social media reveals.

“Not a day has passed without talking to myself or who I’m not come dismay there are ways that I can start with this refrett of asmoday who in ways respeaks these verses,” Wall posted on his Tumblr in August. The Tumblr, written under the same name as a number of Wall’s other social media profiles, contained one of Wall’s selfies and two years of poems and writings, which he often signed “Mr. Wrong.”

Asmoday, the figure referenced in Wall’s Tumblr post and in the writing on his mother’s chest, is often described as a three-headed demon who can make a person invincible.

“He is a Great King, Strong, and Powerful,” reads a description in 1904 translation of the Lesser Key of Solomon, a 17th-century occult text. “He appeareth with Three Heads, whereof the first is like a Bull, the second like a Man, and the third like a Ram; he hath also the tail of a Serpent, and from his mouth issue Flames of Fire. His Feet are webbed like those of a Goose. He sitteth upon an Infernal Dragon.”

Police only noticed the name written on Wall’s mother when they took her to an ambulance, the incident report reads. They had been called to a Myrtle Beach hotel shortly after noon on Jan. 11, in response to a call about an unconscious woman.

They found her “laying on the bed with two black eyes and a swollen nose,” which turned out to be broken, the police report reads. “Also blood was running down the side of the bed next to her head… [Officers] attempted to wake the victim to no avail.”

When she finally woke in the hospital, she told staff that “someone hit her in the face.” She did not immediately implicate her son, the police report claims.

But before investigators could book Wall on assault charges, police across town arrested him on unrelated traffic violations. When Wall left the hotel, he allegedly stole his mother’s car. Later that afternoon, an officer pulled him over on an “unrelated traffic violation,” the police report states. While his exact traffic charges are not specified, a separate stolen vehicle report indicates that Wall was arrested during the traffic stop.

Meanwhile, the police investigating the beating of Wall’s mother had begun reviewing hotel security footage. They spotted Wall leaving the hotel, and realized that the man in the footage matched the booking photo of the man they had already arrested on a traffic violation.

Wall was charged with stealing a vehicle and aggravated assault, which was later upgraded to attempted murder, police records show.

These charges are the latest of dozens for Wall, who has previously been convicted of crimes ranging from domestic abuse to meth production.

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On this latter charge, Wall appeared to leave a conspicuous internet trail. In two near-identical posts on a drug forum, a person requested prices for ketamine, MDMA, and other “research chemicals,” and listed Wall’s two personal emails as a contact.

Elsewhere on the internet, a user listed those same emails in comments on multiple pages that claimed the government or other actors were attempting to read and control people’s minds through “remote neural programming.”

In one post, the person asks other commenters to message him at Wall’s email with advice on how to deflect mind control. He lives in South Carolina, he says, and has been writing poems as a means of combatting the noises in his head.

“All i want is for them to be silent,” the user wrote in 2013.

Three years later, Wall would post a poem invoking the demon Asmoday. Four months after that, his mother was nearly killed with the word written on her chest.