Celebrity Morghulis

Stars, They’re Obsessed with ‘Game of Thrones’ Just Like Us!

Celebrities are really into valar morghulis, too.

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Crazily, compulsively obsessed with Game of Thrones? You are not alone. All across the country, people are re-watching the purple wedding with violent glee, using interactive maps to plan their own coup of Westeros, and poring over Natalie Dormer’s issue of GQ (just for the articles, of course).

Turns out, stars really ARE just like us. Except instead of geeking out over George R.R. Martin interviews and spoiler-heavy Reddit threads, they get to dress up as their favorite characters, pen iron throne inspired mixes, and cop free HBO merch. Celebrities have been taking to Twitter in droves to express their GoT hysteria, proving once and for all that no one, not even famous people, can watch the red wedding and emerge emotionally unscathed. At this rate, we wouldn’t even be surprised if Justin Bieber, who has been repeatedly and unfavorably compared to Joffrey Baratheon, got himself an HBO GO account on the sly.

In his new video for “I Want the Love,” Puff Daddy sits tight on what appears to be a pretty good replica of the iron throne. The content of the video and the song are hardly related to GoT; Puff Daddy and Meek Mill ride snowmobiles, pose with models, and throw assorted shade at their haters. The video does include a few half-assed shots of a wolf (though he HARDLY looks dire). Plus, the fur and shearling ensembles are very wildling chic, while the sheer quantity of luxury goods in this video could probably pay off all of the Lannister’s debts.

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen together in one room, smoking and talking about Game Of Thrones is more magical than anything the red priestess has ever conjured. In this video, the artist formerly known as Snoop Lion tackles race relations, costuming concerns, and Seth’s Game of Thrones career aspirations. He also employs some funny accents, as well as an inspired use of Ludacris’ “Move Bitch (Get Out the Way)”, played over a crucial GoT scene. Just as George R.R. Martin originally intended it, no doubt.

You know that thing when you Tweet about your love for a television show, and then that show’s network immediately sends you personalized swag? No? Well that’s apparently Game of Thrones super fan Anna Kendrick’s reality. After tweeting a pic of herself in a direwolf tee, she received “an enormous wooden chest” labeled House Kendrick that “plays the theme music when you open it”. Kendrick later Tweeted, “My house sigil is a snuggie”, leading fans worldwide to question whether they wanted to date Anna Kendrick, be Anna Kendrick, or simply kill her and absorb her merch/power.

Things I learned from the Game of Thrones inspired mixtape, Catch the Throne:

1. Daddy Yankee’s bilingual track shows more diversity than practically any episode of Game of Thrones

2. No matter how Big a Boi you are, you’re still scared of the mother of dragons

3. Throne and Crown totally rhyme when you’re rapping in a Jamaican accent

4. Bodega Bamz has clearly never seen an episode of Game of Thrones.

5. I’m officially calling “Arya’s Prayer” by Dominik Omega as a powerful underdog for this year’s biggest summer jam.