Stephen Colbert Believes Trump Is in ‘Total Denial’ Over ‘Pedophile’ Roy Moore

The ‘Late Show’ host can’t believe the president is supporting accused serial sexual predator Roy Moore.


Amid the daily deluge of sexual-misconduct allegations, Stephen Colbert said that the “créme de la creep” is still Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate and “founder of ‘take a daughter from school day’” Roy Moore. And while President Donald Trump had been “coy” about Moore up until now, all that changed Tuesday.

“We don’t need a liberal Democrat in there,” Trump told reporters about the Alabama Senate seat, adding that since Moore has offered a “total denial” of the many child-molestation allegations against him, he’s inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Sir, I don’t think he’s the only one in ‘total denial,’” the Late Show host told Trump.

Colbert also responded to the recently unearthed interview in which Moore said that he first noticed his current wife at a dance recital several years before they were married. “That’s a cute story,” the host said. “Eight years later, he met her at a Christmas party when she was 23. So, if you do the math, let’s see, that’s 23 minus eight… yeah, he’s a pedophile.”

“She was only 15 when he first saw her at the dance recital,” Colbert confirmed. “Why was he hanging around teenagers’ dance recitals? Was the mall closed for renovations?”