Stephen Colbert: Michael Cohen Will Flip on Trump So Fast

The ‘Late Show’ host explained how he knows Cohen’s loyalty has its limits.

Perhaps the biggest question hanging over Donald Trump’s presidency right now is what it will take to make his most loyal consigliere Michael Cohen flip.

Quoting from a recent Politico piece Thursday night, Stephen Colbert said that Trump and his advisers are “increasingly worried that his longtime personal attorney might be susceptible to cooperating with federal prosecutors.”

But the Late Show host sees an “obvious” solution: “Michael Cohen just pays himself $130,000 to shut up.”

Much of the speculation revolves around how much prison time prosecutors threaten Cohen with, with one Trump-affiliated defense lawyer asking, “Is he two years loyal? Is he 10 years loyal? Is he 15 years loyal?”

15 years?” Colbert replied. “Michael Cohen disclosed Sean Hannity’s name in court after being asked twice. He’s not five minutes loyal!”