Stephen Colbert Takes on the Terrifying Return of ‘Zombie Trumpcare’

The ‘Late Show’ host goes after the president for trying to bring his Obamacare replacement back from the dead.

Stephen Colbert is so ready for President Donald Trump’s first 100 days to be over. “It’s just so exhausting watching this man try to accomplish something,” he said Thursday night.

While Trump promised his voters “everything,” he has failed by almost any measure, including on an issue that should have been easy for Republicans: health care. Quoting The Daily Beast, Colbert noted that the president has since revived the effort to pass “Zombie Trumpcare.”

With the GOP about to go home for a congressional break, the host compared Republicans’ town-hall crowds to the zombie hordes from World War Z. “Not happy,” he said, “but that’s democracy.”

“Unlike Obamacare, under the new plan, individual states would be allowed to not cover pre-existing conditions,” Colbert said to boos from his audience. “That’s why New Hampshire is changing their license plate from ‘Live Free or Die’ to ‘Live Here and Die.’”

Finally, Colbert noted that House members have exempted themselves from “Zombie Trumpcare.” But he urged voters not to be “too hard on these guys” because “you have to understand, they all would have lost their coverage—being a douchebag is a pre-existing condition.”